"Selling Land, Selling Central Virginia"

"Statistics are no substitute for judgment"

- Henry Clay

The charts, maps and statistics you will find on this site are tools for your research. My documents "Buying Land, Buying Central Virginia"  and "Selling Land, Selling Central Virginia" are other tools created so that a Purchaser, or Seller, can assess their needs. Since 1997 W. H. Burruss III, Inc. has recorded every sale for the areas of Amherst, Bedford, and Campbell Counties. Limited research has also been done for Appomattox County and the City of Lynchburg. This research was created for the purpose of determining land value for clients wanting to sell land, but it and additional data can also benifit the Buyer.

If you have any questions regarding the statistical data, or would like to make a recomendation, please contact Statistics@Acreage4U.com.

Like the quote from Henry Clay, tools are there to make life easier. It is up to the individual to decide how they will be used.